Are you working on your great next game but can’t be bothered to upload that .zip everytime?
Use ballparq, a simple one-click deploy service for your next Godot project!

Make your next Godot game a home run!

Getting started

Knock your next game out of the parq!

Don't know how to host a webserver but love to share your game with the world?
We at ballparq got you covered, with simple but powerful tools and services we enable you to make your next game playable as fast as you can throw!

The tool to make Godot deployments a breeze

Deploy a multiplayer enabled web version of your project with ease

One Click Deploy

Use the ballparq Godot plugin to instantly upload your project to our service. With one click you deploy a web version so you can play your game with friends or share it with testers for quick QA.

Powered by Godot

We use Godot native functionality to bring our service to life. There's No vendor lock-in, which means your game will always continue to work even without ballparq.


Use the high-level Godot Multiplayer API in combination with Websockets and ballparq automatically sets up a multiplayer server in seconds!


Your own ballparq is a few clicks away, get your tickets!

Home base
One-Click deploy plugin
1 Ballparq project
Max project size 20MB
Web deploy for your game
Signup for beta
Season pass
$9.99 /month
All features of Home Game
No watermark
3 Ballparq projects
1GB project size
Multiplayer hosting
Custom page wrapper
Custom export settings
Signup for beta
Team ticket
$19.99 /user/month
All features of Game ticket
Ꝏ project size*
Ꝏ Ballparq projects*
Custom domain
Custom Godot support
Auto-build other platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, MacOSX)
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* unlimited space is billed at $1/100GB/m

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