How to deploy your first game with ballparq

With these simple steps, you'll have your game online in minutes!

Getting started

Whether you’re done with your Godot project or you’re in the middle of development, sometimes you wanna share your project with the world. In this guide, we’re gonna run through the steps to get you up and running with ballparq!

For the purposes of showing a working example, I’m using one of the demo projects from the godot-demo-projects repo on Github. For this article, I chose the platformer demo.

Signup for the beta

Right now, we’re still working on our service to get it up and running, and require a lot more work from the community to get that done. So in order to get started with ballparq, head to the homepage and signup for the beta!

It’s important to understand that there are a limited amount of spots available for the beta, so be patient, you’ll get an invitation sooner or later!

Some beta limitations

Some functionality of the service have been disabled since we’re still in active development. If you have any questions or run into any issues, contact us through Twitter or Mastodon.

A support email address is also available through your account dashboard.

Some notable things are:

Download the ballparq plugin from our website

Since the plugin is still in beta, we’re not releasing to the Godot Assetlib just yet, althought it’s on the roadmap!

For now, you can download it here and extract it in your res://addons folder in your project.

I also want to let you know that we have a Discord where you can come with any questions or look for help when you get stuck. You can also request features or show off your work on ballparq!

Login to your account & copy your secret

If you signed up for the beta and you got an email to make an account, follow the steps in the email. Afterwards, head over to the login page to get started. After you’ve logged in, you’ll be presented with a dashboard.

Next you simply copy paste the secret code from your account to your Godot project. This will help ballparq figure out who you are when you’re uploading your game. It’s important that you don’t share this secret with anyone.

Add a export option for HTML5

Go to Project > Export... and make a new export for HTML5. Rename the export name to ballparq-web.

Knock your game out of the parq!

Now it’s time for the magic moment. Simply click the ballparq button located at the topright of your Godot editor and wait for the message to show that your game has been “pitched” to our servers. Then simply type in<your username>/ into your browser URL bar and start playing!
Which in my case would be

Note the trailing / at the end, otherwise it doesn’t work. (We’re fixing this btw)

Note 2: You might see a new instance of Godot being launched, don’t be alarmed, This is part of the plugin.

What else?

Let your friends and colleagues know about ballparq by following us on Twitter and Mastodon. Also, feel free to share your project on social media by sharing the link to your creation with your friends using the hashtags #godot and #ballparq!

Thanks for reading and I hope you get to make great games with Godot and ballparq!

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